contract-signing-close-up-of-hand-and-penSelling your business is a major decision, and we at Ti Business Advisors understand because we have been through the process ourselves and with countless customers helping them navigate the transaction.  We understand the time, effort and money that you have put into your business, and you deserve a professional, dedicated business broker to be with you through the full process.

One question we are always asked is how long will it take to sell my business?  The average business sale took over 9 months industry wide last year.  This is why it is important that you choose a broker that looks at the full process and is willing to be your partner to ensure you not only sell the business but that you sell it at the best possible price.  Our clients also want to know “How do I calculate the value of my business?”. We have the tools and knowledge to help you determine how to maximize that value and what will accomplish a successful sale.

Ti Business Advisors takes the sale of your business very seriously. There is the need for confidentiality, the need for a quality professional advisor, and the need for an advocate to be by your side.

Take the time now to fill out the seller information by clicking the tab below and we will set up a confidential no obligation meeting to answer all your questions and help you start the selling process.